I unabashedly love OFF! They’ve channeled the sound of the 80’s LA Punk/hardcore scene, and this gave punks everyone reassurance that true Punk Rock is indeed still alive and well.

 All this is, of course, due to punk rock icon and front man Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks). Morris formed OFF! as a sort of punk “super group” with Red Kross bassist Steven Shane McDonald, Rocket From the Crypt/Hot Snakes drummer Mario Rubalcaba, and Burning Bridges front man Dimitri Coats.

 OFF!’s first release was actually a compilation of four EP’s released on vinyl, suitably called First Four EP’s back in 2010, and I was immediately hooked upon my first listen. With their newest release “OFF!,” they’re still boasting the quick and intense, in-your-face sound of true punk rock. Most of the sixteen tracks clock in at 45 seconds, with explosive sounds that knocks you off your feet.

 All in all, I highly recommend this album for any fan of real punk rock music, as well as those who are interested in the genre.

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