It has been seven long years since we were given a Garbage album, this was due largely to dealings with their record label and management. However, May marked the end of the seven-year wait, and it was definitely worth it! The new album sounds fantastic, and Shirley Manson’s voice still sounds as great as it did in the 90’s, and the production and mix quality is superb. Of course, when you have a production icon like Butch Vig (producer of some great albums from Nirvana, Foo Fighters, etc.) in your band, you can bet your album will sound amazing.

 The band’s latest effort, the self-released “Not Your Kind of People,” is an inspiring album for reasons more than musical. Vig said they self-released the album because they didn’t want record company interference, and I applaud them for that! I hate when record companies try to meddle with an artist’s effort. Let the band do what they feel they need to do. It is not an uncommon thing really, ranging from artist like Jeff Buckley and Alanis Morrissette, record company haggling has seen the end to many contracts and even band break-ups.

 In conclusion, “Not Your Kind of People” is a fantastic pick for long-time fans, people who are interested in Garbage, or even if you just want a good album to pick up.