As the Years Go By…

 High School. Four years of your life where everything you knew about life is completely altered. Your body changes, your social life changes, and, above all, your personality changes. For some, high school is a breeze. You’re captain of the sports ball team, or head cheer person, and you’re as popular as can be. 

 For the rest of us normal folk, high school is can be a rough time. There’s tension with your parents, the jocks & cheerleaders pick on you, and you’re just overall trying to figure out exactly who you are.
 What we don’t realize about High School is that it’s the last time in your life where you’re basically free from bills and responsibility. Hindsight’s 20/20 right?
 Regardless of where you’re at in life post-high school, there’s always those songs or bands that bring you right back. For a lot of us, there are those albums helped us get through those years with our sanity in tact. While even then I listened to a lot of stuff (mostly pop-punk because that was in at the time), there are two albums that really got me through that time, and ultimately helped shape my taste in music today.
 Taking Back Sunday’s “Where You Want to Be” and AFI’s “Sing the Sorrow.”
 To this day, both of those albums are always in my CD wallet in my car, and I’ll pop ’em in at least once a week. Yes, I have a CD player and not an MP3 port, I drive a ’97 Civic leave me alone.
So, for those of you with jobs and families, check out some of those albums you’ve packed away over the years, and take a figurative walk down nostalgia lane. Those of you reading this that are still in High School, keep exploring your musical horizons, and be yourself.
 Don’t do drugs
– Nick
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