New Releases Are None of Your Business

 July has been an interesting month for music so far. We’ve seen the release of many new albums already, some were greatly anticipated, and some came out relatively unknown beyond the artist’s fan base. As no one wants to sit and read pages and pages of reviews, I’m going to highlight the ones that have (thus far) stood out to me. 

 Let’s start with the almighty Morrissey.
Aw, a puppy doggie and an old motorcycle make adorable cover art 
 Moz is back with a new studio album with, much like its album name, a few lengthy titles. Of course, he’s been known to do that (i.e. “The Last of the Famous International Playboys”), so that’s nothing new. Unlike certain “pop-punk” bands, those long-winded titles also make their way into the lyrics. 
 “World Peace is None of Your Business” is an interesting album. One I had to listen to a few times to really take it in. Unlike his previous installment, “Years of Refusal”, “World Peace…” has less driving tunes, and more instrumental flares and cadences. Some of them really can catch you completely off guard. Like the avid use of whistles, accordions, bongos, trumpets, and heavy Spanish guitar flares. 
 The track “I’m Not A Man” really stood out to me, and even ended with an unexpected electric guitar finish. What really confused me was his track “Neal Cassidy…” as it sounds like he took a little of his own sound, and mixed in a bit of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s distorted electronics and Ligtning Bolt’s guitar riffs. 
 All-in-all, however, Moz’s latest effort still proves that he’s relevant, and is definitely worth giving a listen. His voice has held up well throughout his career, and I would love to see him in concert, if he’d cease canceling his US shows!
 On to the next one
With a career that has expanded 35 years, a plethora of music videos, a few TV shows, guest appearances, and even a movie, it’s hard to think that an artist (and yes, I consider him an artist) can remain relevant and entertaining for so long. And yet, here we are in 2014 and “Weird Al” Yankovic has taken the internet by storm with his latest release: “Mandatory Fun.”
I laughed WAY too hard when I first saw this


 While I’m not a HUGE fan of a good 95% of the pop music that plays repeatedly over the radio. Weird Al never ceases to amaze me on how he can take those manufactured songs and turn them into something I’ll gladly sing along to. Not only has he made a really entertaining album, but he also released eight music videos for it. And in an impressive way too. He released a video every day, for eight days straight! Even with today’s use of technology, that is STILL a LOT of work. I have a lot of respect for him, and everyone involved, for pulling it off.
 I’m sure by now you’ve heard the song “Tacky”. In fact, you’ve probably heard it a few times. That’s because this song has skyrocketed Weird Al towards the top of the charts. As a long time fan, (which I have no problem saying) it makes me very happy. Successfully parodying Pharrell, Iggy Azalea, Lorde, and that obnoxious Imagine Dragons tune, “Mandatory Fun” stands as a testament to Weird Al’s creative genius.
I’ll end with an, albeit quick, nod to the always amazing Every Time I Die for their latest effort “From Parts Unknown.” They rocked my face off at Warped Tour this year, and this latest album proves that ETID is a force to be reckoned with. From the opening track “The Great Secret”, to the powerful “Exometrium”, to the explosive (and my personal favorite) track “Thirst”; this album has me obsessing over it daily. For long-time fans of the band, to lovers of the genre as a whole, I cannot recommend this album enough. Go buy it. Seriously. Right now. WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?! 

That is a majestic album cover.

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