Back When I Was Your Age…

 It seems like no matter what group of people you’re with, at some point you hear some variation of this phrase mentioned: “All modern music sucks, the old stuff is way better.”

 Before expanding my musical horizons to what it is now, I would’ve agreed with that statement. In fact, I still partially agree with it in terms of the generic miasma seeping out of the radio stations these days. “DJ Generic coming’ at ya on KGGQ spinnin’ the same five songs for ya every single day!” I feel the nostalgia wash over me whenever  solid 90’s hits like “Black Hole Sun” , “What’s Goin’ On?” , “Rebirth of Slick” , or even “Barley Breathing” come on my shuffled iTunes playlist.
 I do not, however, agree that ALL modern music is bad. I mean, look at all the fantastic bands that have surfaced over the last 15 years! Four Year Strong, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs,  The Color Morale, Circa Survive, and so many others have proven that modern music isn’t dead, it’s just not found on mainstream radio.

 Saying that there’s no good music anymore is just an insult to the music world, and the brilliant artists who are really putting the time and effort into putting out solid, non generic music out there for us to enjoy. It is my hope that mainstream music will soon end this seemingly endless spew of auto-tuned junk and bring in these true artists so that we can listen to good music on the radio again. Without having to turn to the “Classics” station.

 It may seem like I’m just ranting, and perhaps I am a bit, but I feel like you would agree with me if you turn off KIIS FM and searched the Indie and Underground scenes. Just give it a shot, forget about drops or “Can you dance to it?” for once, and actually take the time to enjoy the true art for that is MUSIC.

 Okay, okay, rant finished, as you were.

 What are some of your favorite bands? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Some exciting news! I will soon be launching the THAT MUSIC JUNKIE blog as a full-blown website! Thank you so much to all of you who have read my posts throughout the last few years, I can not wait to take the next step and seeing you all on my new site soon! –Nick


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