Family Feud: Grammy Edition

Man, Kanye West REALLY enjoys causing a stir at the Grammy’s doesn’t he? First it was Taylor Swift who fell victim when West rushed the stage, grabbed the award from Swift, and said that Beyonce had the superior video.

This time around, West runs his mouth about Beck, who is quite talented and well established artist, winning album of the year over, you guessed it, Beyonce. Now, Beyonce IS a talented singer, and Beck handled the situation like a champ, but I’m curious as to why West thought Beyonce was more deserving? After all, Beck put way more time and effort into his album.

Also, why is Kanye West so obsessed with Beyonce? That’s a little weird to me. I don’t pretend to understand celebrities, I’m just a dude who loves to listen to, and write about, music. I just wanted to congratulate Beck on his win, and hopefully the Grammy’s will continue to honor hard working musicians, without any further obnoxious interruptions.

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