An Unexpected Solo Success

Being a long-time Foo Fighters fan, I was delighted to learn that bassist Nate Mendal would be releasing a solo album. Under the guise Lieutenant, Mendal’s debut solo album “If I Kill This Thing We All Eat For A Week” was released last week, and I was instantly impressed.

If you’re expecting something Foo Fighters-esq, you will be disappointed. Sunny Day Real Estate fan looking for a clone? Sorry. Lieutenant sounds nothing like either bands Mendal is associated with, and I think that’s brilliant. Often times, when an artist goes solo, he/she still sounds like the band he’s with. For example: Serj Tankian. Both solo albums just sound like System of a Down albums. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of System & Tankian alike, I’m just stating their similarities.

Lieutenant sounds like a wonderful cross between Magnetic Morning and Wrens, and I’ve pretty much listened to it non-stop since it came out. From the upbeat opening track “Belle Epoque” to the downtrodden ending tune “Lift the Sheet,” this is honestly one of those albums that I thoroughly enjoyed every single song.

I’m very happy to have “If I Kill This Thing We All Eat For A Week’ as my first album review of 2015, and I can’t recommend it enough. This is an excellent album for any fan of Rock and Indie, for Foo Fighters and Sunny Day Real Estate fans alike, Lieutenant shows that Nate Mendal is more than just a bass player in a popular rock band.

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