Coming Soon

Earlier I wrote about some upcoming albums that I’m looking forward to, however I left out a few major ones. For instance, after a nine year lull, TOOL has a new album slated for sometime this year. It’s hard to believe that their last album “10,000 Days” came out way┬áback in 2006! So, naturally, I’m anxious to see what Maynard and company have in store for us.

Now, we also have some new albums being released, and frankly I am excited about two in particular that got announced. Anyone who follows me on any form of social media knows that I recently posted that Matt Skiba & The Sekrets announced that they’ll be releasing a record this summer. Skiba (of Alkaline Trio), has been on tour with Blink 182 sans Tom DeLonge.

And just yesterday Four Year Strong officially announced that they will be releasing a self titled album on June second! These guys are my favorite to watch live in concert, I saw them three times last year! Granted, one of those times was Warped Tour, but they still bring an energy to the stage that reverberates throughout the whole crowd. This will be their fifth studio album, and it’s already ranked high up on the list of releases I’m most looking forward to.

2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for music. We’ve already had momentous releases with debuts and Modest Mouse’s return from their hiatus. I can’t waitrr to see what else is in store for us! What albums are you looking forward to this year? What ones have come out that you’ve enjoyed? Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “Coming Soon

  1. Sufjan Stevens’ new album “Carrie and Lowell” is fantastic. The whole album is about him grieving over the recent death of his mother. It’s highly emotional and yet tranquil (classic Sufjan style). Full of feels.


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