All The Feels

Have you ever noticed the raw, emotional power behind good music? How a simple melody can calm your spirits when you’re feeling frustrated, or the arena rock anthem to get you pumped for the big game? It’s an amazing phenomenon, really. One we never really consciously think about regularly.

Yet, daily people cling to their favorite tunes for a pick-me-up when they’re feeling down, or that emotional song after a breakup. I always throw on some instrumental music like Tycho or Blackmill whenever I need to just kick back and relax. We all do this in some way, shape, or form, and we have been many years.

Music has been, and always will be, the universal language. From the man visiting African tribes and communing with them through their tribal drums, to the girl who can only communicate through her cello, the ethereal force of music is all encompassing.

Throughout my elementary days and into my high school years I was brought up in a Baptist church. When I entered my teenage years, every Sunday we were discouraged from listening to “secular music” as it could sway your emotions. Only the church’s music was suitable listening materiel. I have always believed that to be a dire travesty! How could anyone rob someone of the freedoms and joys of music?

Now, granted I know they were worried we would fall in with gangsta rap about drugs and sex, or party rock about…well, drugs and sex. That’s perfectly rational for a church to keep their congregation away from that kind of music, I totally understand and agree. I just think dissuading from everything except church music is a tad overboard.

I’m not here to discuss religious politics. That’s not what this site is about, nor will it ever be. I use myself as an example to show that one can listen to music and not be consumed by whatever lifestyles the various genres coincide with. I’ve listened to Public Enemy, but I’ve never felt the desire to be a thug. I’ve listened to Dimmu Borgir, but I’ve never wanted to burn a church. I’ve listened to Black Moth Super Rainbow, but I have no need of drugs. I’ve listened to Reagan Youth, but I’m not an anarchist.

Music, as the truest art-form, is very emotional, powerful, and influential, but you don’t have to be defined by a genre. In fact, I don’t understand how anyone can listen to any one specific genre exclusively. There areĀ SO many different forms, bands, singers, and songs that you’re missing out on! Be a bit more open, you may discover a song to help you from feeling down, or a singer whose words are like the biography of your life.

Okay, I’m down preaching now. I’ll get off my soapbox and let you get on with your day. I just hope I’ve left you with something to think about is all.


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