Describe Your Band in Five Words or Less

Music is such a wonderfully diverse and beautiful platform, that it’s easy to get lost in the various classifications that have developed over the last part of the century. Before, we just had a few genres like Blues, Rock & Roll, and classical. Now, people can pretty much make up their own genres as we go!


“We’re Ambient Mathematical Minimalistic Indie Post Post New Wave Alt Rock”

It’s kind of absurd how many genres there are, and even more ridiculous is how many sub-genres each one has! For instance:

Rock: Classic Rock, Alt Rock, Post Modern Rock, Retro Rock, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Christian, Indie Rock, Electrorock, Stoner Rock, Hair, Glam.

Rap: Hip Hop, Gangsta, Intellectual, Christian, Rap Rock, Indie Rap, Mainstream, Underground.

Punk: Hardcore, Straight Edge, Hardcore Straight Edge, Vegan Hardcore Straight Edge, Post Punk, Retro Punk, New Wave, Pop Punk, Christian.

Metal: Classic, New Wave of British Metal, Nu Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Pornogrind (yeah, it’s a thing. Not what you think though), Grindcore, Metalcore, Heavy, Groove, Thrash, Christian, Girl Metal (which I always thought was ridiculous that an all-girl band would be classified as a separate genre, and not just grouped with every other one).

 These are just SOME examples. There are a plethora of genres out there, so that means that there is a type of music for everyone. It’s both a ridiculous and beautiful notion, really.

 I’ve always found it absurd when I hear someone say they only listen to one genre of music. “I’m Hip Hop all day” or “I only listen to Punk because everything else is corporate bulls**t.” I mean, why limit yourself like that? There’s SO much wonderful music out there that you’re missing out on!

 I encourage all of my readers to get out of their musical comfort zone and explore some of the various genres the music world has to offer! Who knows? You may even find your new favorite band or song!

– Nick

What are some of your favorite bands and genres? Let us know!

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