Nostalgia Goggles

It seems like no matter the generation, everyone feels that music in their time (usually teen years) was the best. Of course, this is always purely a matter of opinion, but it’s a common occurrence nonetheless.

You see, throughout my junior high and high school years, pop rock and pop punk were at all an-time high. We saw the return of Green Day, the first breakup of Blink 182, the (thankfully) short-lived rise of Emo music, and more bands flooding through Fuse’s shows than I could keep track of.

There were SO many bands, that most of the actual good ones flew under the radar until things calmed down. Some of my favorites from back then, and to this day, are Taking Back Sunday, Four Year Strong, and Motion City Soundtrack.

Naturally, when conversing with others my age, the statement “Man, music was so much better when we were in high school” arises. That statement, I feel, is all relative. Yeah, there was a lot of good stuff, but there was also a LOT of crap. Looking at you Panic! At the Disco.

But the same can be said for every generation. My mom and dad were in high school in the 80’s, so naturally they listened to all the music that coincided with the decade. And there was just as much bad stuff as there was good. For instance: Duran Duran. My mom loves them, I cannot stand them.

But I digress…

I just feel that we as a society should refrain from further using the blanket statement of “All of today’s music is terrible. Music was better in my day,” as it’s clearly just a matter of personal perspective.

Forgive me for sounding like a broken record (ha, music humor), but as I’ve previously written again and again, there’s SO much good music from every genre and every decade, why restrict yourself to just one or two? Broaden your horizons people!