This Place is Such a Shipwreck…

Well, it seems like out of no where 2015 became the year of Pop Punk. From Four Year Strong to Motion City Soundtrack, it seems the genre is making a comeback, and in force.

“Don’t forget about Fallout Boy!”

No. HARD pass. I said this when Fallout Boy debuted, and I’ll say it again: They’re a Pop band. Wearing eyeliner doesn’t make you punk, and neither having song titles that are a short novel.

But we’re not here to discuss Fallout Boy. No, we’re here to talk about two legitimate pop punk bands that both released albums this year within a very short time frame of each other. Those bands are Neck Deep and State Champs.

"Life's Not Out To Get You" is available in stores now

“Life’s Not Out To Get You” is available in stores now

First up we have the UK based Neck Deep. The boys came out swingin’ for this album with the single “Gold Steps,” which built up the moment and anticipation for the albums release back in August. Leaning more towards the aggressive punk sound, Neck Deep delivers a truly solid album with catchy tunes and deep lines like “This Place is Such a Shipwreck / But This Shipwreck It Is Mine.” I can dig it.

"Around the World and Back" is also available now

“Around the World and Back” is also available now

Now here we have State Champs who debuted their album “Around the World and Back” here in October. Where Neck Deep had more of the punk sound, State Champs are here on the opposite end of the spectrum with more of the upbeat pop feel, while not straying from the driving sound of the Pop Punk genre. Always known to put on a good live show, you can really feel and here in the effort and energy the boys poured into this album. From the single “Secrets” to the end track “Tooth and Nail” I can honestly say that I feel like “around the World and Back” will be known as State Champs’ best record.

I debated on making this article a comparison of the two albums, but after listening through both of them a good number of times, I say they’re both fantastic. I would recommend picking them both up really, or at least give them a good listen through.

There have been SO many albums released this year, and there’s still more to come! What are some of your favorites, and which ones are you looking forward to?

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Standing Out in A Crowd

Bands that have a few albums under their figurative belt were lucky enough to make it past the “One Hit Wonder” obstacle, and scored another hit or two.

But don’t you hate it when you here a new single from a band, and you really like the song, so you go out and buy the CD only to find out that that’s the only good song on the whole damn album?

Anyone who is a fan of the band Train know what I’m talking about. They have one, maybe two, good songs per album and the rest are terrible.

The bass player in a band I use to be in always refered to lead sing Pat Monahan as a "Lazy singer" since Train started as a Led Zeppelin cover band.

The bass player in a band I use to be in always referred to Train lead singer Pat Monahan as a “Lazy singer” since Train started as a Led Zeppelin cover band.

But then some bands are able to churn out several solid records during the course of their career. Sure, some aren’t as great as the others, but overall they create a pretty strong discography for themselves.

Have you ever noticed that every band that has multiple successful albums always have that one that stands out from the rest? That one album where you think to yourself, “Man, it’s their best work”?

All my friends know that I’m a HUGE Breaking Benjamin fan. Have been since day one. Not only has Breaking Benjamin enjoyed a successful career, as well as a strong comeback with this year’s release “Dark.” However, as great and strong as their discography is, their album “Phobia” stands out as their crowning achievement.

This album solidified the band as a serious presence in the Rock community, and launched them into super-stardom.

This album solidified the band as a serious presence in the Rock community, and launched them into super-stardom.

AFI experienced the same thing with their 2003 release “Sing the Sorrow.” It’s hard to top an album that had three solid singles come off it, but the band has persevered and released three albums since. All of which sound nothing like “Sing the Sorrow.”

Taking Back Sunday has “Where You Want to Be,” Four Year Strong has “Enemy of the World,” rapper Murs has “Murs For President,” and my favorite band Interpol has “Turn on the Bright Lights.”

Very rarely do bands and singers get lucky enough to release nothing but one good album after another. David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Social Distortion, and The Beatles are among the elite few privileged enough to have enjoyed a full, successful career with each album being as solid as the last.

Social Distortion has been Southern California royalty since 1979

Social Distortion has been Southern California royalty since 1979

It’s an occurrence that began since records were first released, and it will continue on ’til the end of time I’d imagine. Or, at least, until mainstream radio and the Corporate bigwigs and MTV finally kill decent music after force-feeding us the generic garbage they churn out in a factory-like fashion.

But I digress…