There’s Apps for That

Technology has grown exponentially over the last ten years. One minute you’re getting a top of the line computer, and six months later there’s two new models that are even better!

And what about cell phones? Much like the Call of Duty video game franchise, you can bank on a new iPhone and Samsung Galaxy every year.

Overwhelming as it all may be, we Music Junkies actually benefit from all of the advancements. You see, we now have access to virtually every song ever created ever!

Whether you has a large music collection digitally or physically,  we now can listen to music older than our grandparents, or even albums recorded on the other side of the world seemingly at the click of a button!

But how do you listen to your music? Ah yes, that’s the real question now, isn’t it? Since the majority of cellphone users in “First-World” countries utilize Smart Phones, I think we can then reasonably assume that these people listen to music via their phone.

What do you use though? Do you use the phone’s internal music player, or do you sift through the plethora of music apps available in the App Store and Google Play Store*?

I mean, we’ve got iHeart Radio, Pandora, Beats Music, Spotify, Jay-Z’s ill-fated Tidal, and so many others! It’s difficult to pick which one to use, isn’t it? Personally, I use these two:


-Amazon Prime Music



“Why these two specifically” you ask? Excellent question! Here’s why:

 First up, Amazon Prime Music. I love this app because, in addition to being able to download and listen to music off-line, it also pulls music from your device’s internal library so your music is consolidated in one convenient place. Of course, you have to be a Prime member to actually get access to the download portion, but with free two-day shipping as well as exclusive pricing, how can you not be?! Am I right? (Who do I talk to about an endorsement check…?)

 The only other downside to the app is that not every artist is on there, so if you’re a Tiger Army fan or want to listen to some Radiohead, I’m afraid you’ll have to pull from your personal library for that.

 That said, the app is great for the sheer variety of artists it does have, and you can choose to download entire albums, as well as individual songs.

 Ok, next up we’ve got Spotify. Spotify is a fantastic streaming app. You can create entire an unlimited amount of playlists compiled of a seemingly endless amount of artists. You can make said playlists consist of individual songs, or even entire albums. You can add friends and follow other users, so that you can enjoy their playlists as well! Best of all, Spotify is free.

 The downside to this app is the ads. Much like Pandora Radio, every few songs you’ll get an ad, so if relaxing to your mediation station or headbanging to your hardcore playlist, chances are you’ll get interrupted by an ad consisting of techno music promoting a fast-food chain, or a narrative for a car parts company. Now, you can get rid of the ads by upgrading your subscription to a Premium account, which allows for more customization as well as offline play in addition to the removal of ads, however the price tag is $9.99 a month.

I know that doesn’t sound terrible, but $120 over the course of a year tends to add up, especially if you’re on a budget. Luckily, Spotify does in fact offer gift cards for their subscriptions that you can pickup at your local Target or Wal-Mart or whatever, and they also tend to run specials like a free month or  a month at $.99, so that’s pretty rad.

Of course, in addition to these two fantastic apps, I also will occasionally utilize Pandora Radio, but 90% of the time I go with these two. Apple Music just launched fairly recently, but admittedly I’ve not had the opportunity to fully check it out, but hey they are offering a free month trial, so I’ll be looking into it.

What are your favorite music apps? Let me know! Tweet your favorite app to @TheMusicJunkie8 with #ThatMusicJunkie

*= Sorry Windows and Blackberry users, your apps are severely limited, which is why I left them out.

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