Girl Power (Pt. 2)

A while back I wrote an article entitled ” Girl Power ” in which I praised a handful of the many talented women in the music industry. While I did mention women who not only sang but played instruments as well, I always felt like I should’ve spoke more on the instrumental aspect.

So, welcome to “Girl Power pt. 2.”

First up: Lindsey Stirling.


Stirling is the very definition of “YouTube Sensation.” The extremely talented violinist exploded onto the internet seemingly overnight, and has earned the impressive status she has attained. She not only has done covers and collaborative efforts on famous pop songs, but she’s even composed her own original pieces and has released albums to coincide. Couple this with the fact that she makes fantastic music videos and can jump and dance while she plays, it’s clear that Ms. Stirling is a sight to behold and has a bright future ahead of her. You can check out her YouTube page Here.

Now, how about the guitar? There have been a large number of fantastic female guitarists over the years. Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Tara McLeod (of Kittie), and Allison Robertson (of The Donnas) just to name a few. There’s been so many, that it was very difficult for me to pick one. So, I’m going to talk about two. Kaki King and Jacklyn Paulette.


Kaki King is a truly phenomenal guitarist. Her compositions include influences of…gosh, everything! From rock to Russian folk, King’s music is thoroughly enjoyable and definitely something to keep an eye on. She even recently opened for the Foo Fighters, with front man Dave Grohl saying “There’s guitarists that are good, and guitarists that are really f**king good. And then there’s Kaki King.” If you get a moment, head on over to her YouTube Page and check out some of her stuff. You will not be disappointed.

I’m a big fan of Horror Rock, Horror Punk, and Psychobilly, and as my Instagram ( @ThatMusicJunkie_ ) followers know, I recently attended a Tiger Army concert. In addition to the amazing performance put on by Tiger Army, I was actually blown away by one of the opening acts called Stellar Corpses. What particularly caught my attention about the Santa Cruz based Psychobilly outfit was their fantastic guitarist, Jacklyn Paulette.


Sporting purple and black hair and a guitar that looked bigger than her, Paulette owned the stage of the Majestic Ventura Theater that night. I mean, this girl can shred! Halfway through the Stellar Corpses set, she went center stage and blew the audience away with a face-melting guitar solo that would leave the guys on That Metal Show speechless. I’d venture a guess that, like most bands in the genre, Stellar Corpses took influence from The Cramps, with Jacklyn Paulette taking inspiration from the legendary Poison Ivy. But that’s just my guess. At any rate, take a look at Stellar Corpses’ Website for info about the band, photos, music, and tour info.

Next we have the instrument that is near and dear to my heart: The Drums! As someone who has been playing for the past 15 years now, I love all aspects of the instrument and thoroughly enjoy watching drummers play and checking out their various styles. Of the many female drummers out there, I’d say the Christian Rock band Skillet’s drummer Jen Ledger definitely piqued my interest the most.


While Skillet’s music has gotten progressively less impressive over the years, that’s not to the discredit of Ms. Ledger. The English drummer is also co-vocalist for the band, which is always an impressive feat in and of itself. I’ve seen the footage of her drum solos, and they’re pretty good! Plus, she knows how to keep the audience captivated and even participating. With Skillet’s breakthrough into mainstream music back with their album “Awake,” Ledger has been a driving force for them, and I feel like, of all their various member changes over the years, her addition has been the best one yet.

I’m sure all of us who were in Junior High and High School during the early 2000’s remember the emergence of Evanescence. The gloomy, angsty Alt Rock band seemed to be the soundtrack for all the emo and goth girls I knew at the time, and for good enough reason. While I was never particularly a fan of the band as a whole (aside from a few songs here and there), I was, and still am, a fan of lead singer Amy Lee.


In addition to being a powerhouse vocalist, Amy Lee is also a very talented pianist, often composing very somber melodies that coincide with the darker tones of her earlier work. It’s always impressive when an artist can sing while playing an instrument, and Amy Lee is a proven expert at it. Oh, did I mention she plays the harp as well? Yeah, that’s what’s up. Although Evanescence releases music sporadically,  Ms. Lee is very much active with her career and has released several covers over on her Spotify Channel including U2’s “With or Without You” and Chris Isaak’s  “Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing.”

Now, I know I’ve only mentioned a small handful of musicians, but let’s face it, I’d have to open up a whole other website if I were to talk about all of the amazingly talented women in music. So, we’ll leave it at these five for the time being. And, who knows, maybe there will be a Part 3!

Who are your favorite women in music? Use #ThatGirlPower on Twitter to @TheMusicJunkie8  to share your influences and inspirations!


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