Retro Chic

It’s the year 2016. Computer technology and digital mediative grown exponentially in a relatively short period of time. The Napster fiasco is thing of the past, and downloadable music is everywhere.

To this day Apple remains at the forefront for digital music players, but a new trend has arisen amount listeners. A trend that is all too familiar, and has two elements:

Vinyl and Cassette.


By now, everyone is familiar with the “Vinyl Revolution” that has surged forward in the music industry. Perhaps it was spearheaded by the hipsters in an attempt to be unique and non-conformative, but it seems to have caught on as a mainstream media outlet instead.  I mean, you can’t walk into a Barnes & Noble Bookstore here in America without seeing a vinyl display rack front and center.

The cool thing about all this is, as my Instagram followers have seen,  that we now have access to high quality music productions of albums old and new alike. I’ve been a long time collector of vinyl records, and am glad to see them more readily available. Albeit, I’m not digging the prices I’ve seen on some of them.

Which brings me to the second part of this topic: Cassettes.


They’re starting to make a comeback as well. While many punk bands have been actively releasing their music on cassettes for decades, a lot of modern artists are beginning to do the same. In fact, Emeniem will be re-releasing the Marshal Mathers EP on cassette, and the post-hardcore band Defeater has collaborated with their record label Bridge Nine Records to re-release their entire discography as a limited edition cassette collection.

Much like their vinyl record counterparts, cassette tapes have not only seen an increase in popularity, but in price as well. Which is starting to get frustrating, since a year ago you could walk into any given thrift store and pick up five cassette tapes for a dollar. Now I’ve seen some as high as ten dollars a piece!

Being the Music Junkie, I naturally have a few tapes in my collection already. However, I have yet to come across a decent player. Who knows? Perhaps if cassette tapes make the comeback that vinyls have, we’ll have access to high quality tape players as we do record players. That would be nice!

Well, it seems that history does in fact repeat itself. Who knows, maybe even mainstream radio will get it’s soul back and start playing real music by real artists again. Although I highly doubt it however. But I will refrain from getting up on my figurative soapbox about that subject again. For now at least.

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