A Low-Flying Panic Attack

Well, the long wait is finally over. After constant teasing, Radiohead has released their ninth studio album entitled “A Moon Shaped Pool.”

I, for one, was quite excited to finally listen to the album in it’s entirety. Unfortunately upon my first listen through I was a bit…underwhelmed. I know other review sites are going on about how fantastic it is, and using advanced terminology that I guarantee the authors do not use on a day-to-day basis, I guess I’m just not in the same figurative boat.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily disagreeing, nor am I in any way saying its a bad album. I actually think it’s quite good, however I had certain expectations that were just not met.


 “A Moon Shaped Pool” opens with the upbeat, orchestral “Burn the Witch” and then immediately takes a hard right to the very somber “Daydreaming.” Radiohead stays true to form with their amazing ability to make paranoid, angsty, and anxiety-ridden songs sound deceivingly peaceful. This is a formula they’ve perfected since their 90’s debut album “Pablo Honey.” (Case in point, see their song “Lurgee”)

I was expecting to be drawn in and hooked right from the start, but it just didn’t happen. Not like with their previous albums “The Bends”, “In Rainbows” and even the most recent “King of Limbs.”

Who knows, perhaps it’s just me. Again, I do want to state that I don’t dislike the album. Not in the least! In fact, I highly recommend listening to it yourself. Maybe you agree with me, or perhaps you’ll pick up on something throughout the album that I missed.