Guest Article: Derek Marr

A good friend of mine recently attended a concert, and I couldn’t help but be amazed at his excitement when he was describing the experience to me. Being The Music Junkie I have, of course, attended several concerts, but it was so refreshing to hear of another person’s experience that I asked him if he’d like to do a guest article to share with you guys!

So, here we go!

Full disclosure before I get too far into this folks: I love Ninja Sex Party. I have for a few years now. I’ve been a fan of the show “Game Grumps”, the YouTube channel in which the lead singer is the co-host of for equally as long. So with the Grumps gaining their popularity with not only one band, but with the second created by both of the hosts that they called Star Bomb, tours were clearly in the future. As soon as I had enough money in the bank (As you’ll soon find, I don’t get paid to write) my tickets for the Wiltern show were bought up and I was well on my way!

 We arrived an hour before the doors were meant to open. Fans were wrapped all around the building! I hate to use the phrase “As far as the eye could see” but In this context I mean it quite literally. I had heard from people who had been to the venue before that the interior was built to house mice, and I was beginning to wonder how so many people would be able to fit in. The doors open and we slowly move in, and much like a sci-fi show I won’t reference in fear of being sued, (yeah, like BBC will ever read anything I write. But hey, better safe than sorry!) the place was a lot bigger than it looks. We got in and were caught up with what you might expect: band merchandise, 6 dollar pizza slices, 8 dollar beers, I mean it was all pretty typical for an event. Once my group and I got all the nesscaries, (the afore mentioned merch and beer) we followed the heads of people toward the stage. As I’d mentioned before, there were tons of people so we ended up with some pretty good real estate…in the back. That being said, it was still small venue, so we could see pretty clearly.

TWRP (Tupperware Remix Party) Performance:
 The show was running late and the crowd was getting a bit belligerent. Screams of utter joy as one of the backstage techs checked one of the near by laptops on stage were beginning to become really common place. A few minutes later the audience was treated to a group of men coming out in full costumes and, in one case, a prosthetic mask. I’d heard of TWRP whenever Ninja Sex Party was discussing their line up, but never heard any of their stuff.

 Once they got the crowd warmed up, their sounds and tone were pretty clear. A heavy emphasis on seventies style bass riffs with some very excellent guitar solos, and the synthesized vocals made for an enjoyable surprise. They also flexed their comedic side with skits in-between songs which never failed to get a genuine laugh out of me. Sadly, the synthesized vocals made the lyrics more open to interpretation than understandable. I couldn’t tell you if the PA’s were just not working in the vocalists favor, or if there was something else going on.

 That was really the only thing I can think of that brought things down. The music they were playing was very intoxicating, so much so I caught the folks that were bar tending on my left dancing with each other. Much to my surprise, when they were done with their set they also stayed on stage playing back up to NSP while still being in their costumes. I’ve done work behind something as simple as a rubber mask, and let me tell you that work is HOT! It’s sweat dripping from under the mask hot. So for those guys to go out there, entertain a crowd, and play instruments for three hours in those things is nothing short of impressive. So if you like comedy bands that actually have talent, and you hear that TWRP is playing near you, make sure to check them out!
Ninja Sex Party’s Performance:

 As TWRP wrapped up their set, they did something seemingly out of the ordinary. The guitarist started playing Metallica’s “Enter the Sandman.” Just as dramatic as the change from seventies funk into eighties metal, the house lights went out. Then, in a spot light, Ninja Brian majestically flipped-off the crowd with both hands. The spotlight goes out, and the ninja vanishes only to reappear in another spotlight still giving us the double birds. The fans were loosing their collective minds, and I was no exception. Followed shorty after that was Danny Sex Bang, with a smile two miles wide, and his arms outstretched to another classic and familiar riff.

 I will say this, and I know that my opinion is bias due to my personal fandom, but these guys felt genuinely humbled by the turn out. 

 The set opened with an apology that Dan had just overcome laryngitis, and that if his voice might give out. You could feel the crowds sense of understanding, which is weird because, you know… internet people. They opened with “The Decision,” and was followed up by “If We Were Gay” which got interrupted by Dan’s inner ear monitor (which allows him to hear the music) and his microphone giving out. Oddly enough this gave TWRP and Ninja Brian, who was on keyboards, some genuine improve time which added to the song. I was expecting them to just repeat a few riffs until Dan got back, but they had a fun time just jamming.

 It turns out that Arin, one of the singers for Star Bomb, had not been so lucky with his run-in with laryngitis, and would not be preforming that night. So we ended up getting a sneak peak at two videos that would be released months later “Cool Patrol*” and “Eating Food in the Shower.”

 “Dinosaur Laser Fight” had a wonderful slow cover which may have been my favorite song of the evening. They also showed off stuff from their cover album with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and “The Hit” for their encore. They also preformed a song they had done with TWRP called “The No Pants Dance” which before hand had some excellent improved musical moments. The two bands do really shine brightest when they preform together.

All-in-all the experience was a wonderful rock show with both bands really exuding energy and good times, coupled with their self-aware immature brands of humor. Both bands clearly enjoyed the sounds and humor they were putting out to us, and I personally laughed a little harder than I should for a guy going into his thirties at dick jokes and picking on the “unpaid interns” gags. As a fan of NSP I’m personally very happy I got to see them on stage. From the first video I saw of theirs “Dinosaur Laser Fight,” all the way to their cover album “Under the Covers,” it’s clear they’ve come a long way.

 When you hear that a band seems to only be on Youtube you tend to assume that nothing will come of it, they are probably stuck doing a sad job somewhere, and their Youtube stuff is just for fun. NSP shows us that it doesn’t always have to be that way. 

If you’d like to support me personally, I have my own Youtube page where I don’t really talk about music but I do play video games. I also have livestreams once in a while on Twitch. All can be found by searching for “Iamtheonewhonerds”

Thanks again guys!

Well, there we have it! Any NSP fans out there? What did you think? Be sure to check out Derek on YouTube and Twitch, and NSP on YouTube for more!

  • “Cool Patrol” was just released, and you can view it Here


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