Breaking Benjamin Brings Fire

Hard rock heavy hitters Breaking Benjamin are back with sixth studio album Ember.” 

Let’s be honest, we all knew this article was coming. “Ember” is here, so I won’t go into exposition, but instead will jump right in.

A few weeks ago I wrote a Post talking about Breaking Benjamin’s latest single entitled “Red Cold River,” and subsequently mentioned how excited I was to see new music from the band.

I had mentioned that BB has been one of my favorite Hard Rock bands, and that I’ve been a fan since day one.

Now that the album is finally here and I’ve listened to it a few times, I say this following statement with utmost sincerity:

I was not disappointed!

In fact, I enjoyed this album even more than their previous release “Dark Before Dawn.”

I honestly feel like Breaking Benjamin is one of the only genuine Hard Rock bands out there that actually puts time and effort into their releases.

The album opens with the foreboding piano piece “Lyra,” which leads seamlessly into the hard-hitting single “Feed the Wolf.” 

Lead singer and songwriter Ben Burnley has expertly composed a truly hard rock album without sacrificing melody.

Take the two mid album tracks “Psycho” and “Dark of You” for example.

While “Psycho” is the heavier piece and “Dark of You” is more sombre, both songs are emotional and beautifully melodic. You can really tell that Burnley poured everything he had into these songs.

It’s a rare occurrence that I’ll listen to a new release from beginning to end on an almost daily basis. I’ll of course do this when reviewing, but usually it’s reserved for my favorite albums.

That’s how impressed with “Ember” I am!

The album is lyrically sound throughout. Not once did I feel like a track was rushed or generic. It’s also on point musically too. Heavy guitars, pounding drums, thundering bass, and harmonizing vocals reign supreme throughout.

Will it become my favorite Breaking Benjamin album? I’m not sure yet. 2006’s “Phobia” holds that title. Only time will tell, right?

can already say, however, that “Ember” will be making my annual Top 10 Albums list at the end of the year!

“Ember” is available now, and you can get it right here through my Amazon link!