Review: “Be More Kind”

English Singer-Songwriter Frank Turner is back with this seventh studio album “Be More Kind.”

Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Frank Turner. The man is a master songwriter!

I first heard Frank about five years ago when his album “Tape Deck Heart” came out. The hit single “Recovery”  was a free download single of the week off iTunes when they use to do that.

I was immediately hooked! My long time readers and viewers on YouTube know this already though as I went into that in THIS video.

“Be More Kind” opens with the wonderfully encouraging “Don’t Worry,” which sets the tone for the entire album. We hear Frank’s signature vocals and accompanying guitar serenading us and grabbing our attention.

“Be More Kind” was released on May 4, 2018 on Xtra Miles Recordings

The beautiful music in the song uplifts and accompanies the encouraging lyrics throughout the song perfectly, and honestly I was left speechless when I first heard it.

Next up is “1933,” in which Frank addresses our frustrations with the current political and social issues such as the idiotic “Alt Right” group, Nazi’s, and blatantly corrupt politicians.

The best aspect of this song is the line “Don’t go mistaking your house burning down for the dawn.” That, and he addresses how angry and disappointed the surviving WWII era veterans and citizens must be with what’s going on.

Track after track addresses our frustrations, but also offers  a solution on how to handle them.


All’s not anger though. The third song on the album, “Little Changes,” talks about what a big impact we all can have just by making little changes in our lives and attitudes.

Frank himself said this is actually his favorite song on the album, and it’s up there for me too.

The title track, “Be More Kind,” is a beautiful acoustic piece encouraging us to be just that, more kind. Let’s be more kind in our interactions with each other in person and online.

 “The best way to handle that kind of communication is to keep your manners,” Turner says. “Just kill with kindness. Remind the person that you’re not just an email on a website but a human on the other end.”

My favorite song on the album is “Make America Great Again,” which is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Trump’s campaign motto. Although unlike Trump and his supporters, Turner sings about how we can actually improve and restore the country.

 “Let’s make America great again,

By making racists ashamed again”

This is not a political website however, so we’ll not get into more of that right now. I did, however, write an article awhile back about music and politics that you can read Here.

2018 is churning out some amazing albums so far, and “Be More Kind” is another one that I’ve listened to in it’s entirety several times over.


Regardless of your musical tastes, be you a metalhead or hip-hop all day, I want to encourage you to listen to this album. I mean really listen to it. Contemplate Frank’s lyrics and consider their meaning.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! It’s easily one of the best albums of the year thus far. In my humble opinion at least.

Check out the video below to see me do an unboxing of the “Be More Kind” vinyl bundle!